"Jon-Ryan understands residential property very well, is a great negotiator, and is skilled at knowing at how to price and sell your house/condo. Also, very pleasant to deal with on a personal basis. He is not a fast-talking, insincere realtor. He is a honest and straightforward + a hard working person as well."

John D.

"Kirk is smart and thoughtful. His attention to detail was awesome. When things got hectic, he did whatever it took...moved the dog, helped our family and left no stone unturned. You will always get 100% from Kirk."

Peter and Celia Miko

"We had a limited amount of time to find a house in Santa Barbara. He learned very quickly what we wanted and was very helpful in showing homes that were within our means and met more or less our specifications. He was very patient with us and very responsive to our questions and concerns. He always answered his phone promptly and so was readily available. He has a pleasant demeanor and is comfortable to work with. He knows the area very well, not only the residential areas, but local contractors, landscapers, etc. I would highly recommend him."

Nancy & John

"Our experience with Kirk Hodson was superior. While we have bought and sold a number of houses, we have never encountered such a level of excellence.

We worked with Kirk over a period of 20 months, made offers on several properties, and finally closed on a property that was an extremely complex deal at the right price. We are certain that other realtors would not have had the skills or experience to handle all the bumps in the road, including negotiating complicated issues between all parties.

Kirk has just the right demeanor to work in Santa Barbara Real Estate. He is patient, diligent and responsive. He worked tirelessly and enthusiastically even as we were outbid in this competitive marketplace and we were almost ready to throw in the towel. He is professional and personable and has outstanding contacts in the industry and in related trades. His wise counsel and useful insights on trends, comparables, rentals and renovations were immensely helpful as we pursued both single-family homes and multi-unit properties in several different neighborhoods.

Kirk works for his clients’ best interests. When we found extensive structural issues on a property under bid, Kirk found us resources and additional information and we decided to walk away. On the property we eventually purchased, Kirk’s incredible attention to detail and follow through was vastly superior to the service provided by the seller’s agent, and carried the deal to the finish line.

Kirk has integrity and his trustworthiness is instantly recognized. Before the property closed, the tenants’ sinks all backed up. They only had met Kirk briefly during a couple visits, but rather than calling the owner at 10pm, or even the agent for the seller, our tenants immediately called Kirk for help. Amazing.

We recommend Kirk as an outstanding Santa Barbara realtor without reservation."

Kathy and Paul Berghoff

"Jon-Ryan is extremely knowledgable of the Santa Barbara area and knew we wanted a property we could add value too. He always put our interest first and was very professional. We were able to get exactly what we wanted and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home."

Brooke & Blake

To Whom It May Concern,
The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge and show appreciation of Kirk Hodson’s exceptional performance as our agent. Last year my family and I started to look for a home to buy here in Santa Barbara. I spoke with several agents as I started calling on houses. Being a Fire Captain in a fire department I have developed a high standard of people I work with and was never entirely satisfied with the agents I met or talked to until we met Kirk.

I liked Kirk from the beginning. I couldn’t tell if he was an effective agent or not, but I knew he had a genuine personality and character I trusted. After talking to him for five minutes, I felt as if I had known him for five years. We had much in common and I asked him to be our agent on the spot. I especially appreciated Kirk’s brutal honesty when it came to the challenges of our situation and his comprehensive plan to overcome them.

Throughout the entire process Kirk always impressed me with his attention to detail. He is relentless when it comes to “getting it right”. Not only with his performance but with everyone involved. He overwhelmed all parties with niceness to accurately “get it right”. There was no stone unturned and no stone out of place. I believe Kirk’s attention to detail, ability with personal relationships, and communication skills is the reason my family and I are in the house of our dreams. Days before escrow closed the selling agent pulled me aside and told me the reason we got the house was because of Kirk. She said he had talked to her for an hour during the first open house informing her why his client was best for the house.

We are new to Santa Barbara and Kirk was a great advocate to have. He was always available. Always. He made many house calls to sign paperwork. Too many to count. There were several visits where before he arrived my wife and I would be somewhat tense or uncomfortable about an issue but, after talking to Kirk with his consistent optimism, we always felt better before he left.

Needless to say Kirk has a client for life and will always be highly recommended.

Jason Gadbury

"Jon Ryan Schlobohm assisted me in finding and buying my first home. Though becoming a first time home buyer was an intimidating experience overall, Jon Ryan helped me through the process step-by-step from finding the perfect place for me to closing the deal."

Sarah H. (full disclosure this is my sister-in-law)